Magical Momentum for Uncertain Times   

A 3-Module Mini-Mastercourse & Non-Ordinary Group Coaching Program

Are you a Soul-led, Sensitive, Magical Entrepreneur?


Its exciting

Its overwhelming

OMG what do I do next?


Part of me just wants to hide

What if I make a mistake

What if I've just been kidding myself

Am I crazy?


I wanted to shine

I want to shine

Well sometimes I want to shine


I feel like a kid that just got through her recital.

I did it!

Nerves and all!


And now I'm all nerves.

What happened to all my confidence and great ideas?

Oh yeah....covid.

No, wait. I had those ideas During covid.


Quiet. Quiet.

PPLA (Pause, Presence, Ask, Listen as taught by YogaFarm)


Om Home.


This IS the practice.


So how do I keep momentum

with all "this" going on?


Great question Magical One.

I have some fun treats for you.


Have you noticed yet that what used to work no longer works?

If you try to do things the old way you only have a ½ solution, if even that.


Instead of switching into "hard work" mode

How does it sound to be in...


This Mini-Mastercourse and Non-Ordinary Group Coaching is for Soul-led, Sensitive, Magical Entrepreneurs.

Crafted by Spirit and Haumea to flow in harmony with these lazy days of summer (Northern Hemisphere) in continued grounding and expansion of the energies leading us through the Threshold of the 8:8 Lionsgate on August 8th.


Would you like to know more?



A 3-Module Mini-Mastercourse & Non-Ordinary Group Coaching Program with Haumea


Forget left brain push push push. We're going 5D here. If you want to stay stuck on suffering and making everything HARD and take Lifetimes to NOT enter. 

If you're willing to be curious and on.

  • Module 1:  Is all about Celebrating YOUR Uniqueness

    We're going to enter the portal with a bit of PLAY! Who Loves to take an easy peasy quiz...and learn all about YOU? For too long, Magical Beings have tried and tried and tried to be like others. To fit in. Newsflash: You came here to ELEVATE Humanity, not to "fit in". So bring your quirks. We're gonna celebrate and infuse your Uniqueness into your branding. This is the juice that attracts your fav peeps to you like bees to honey. 
    And weeds out the lovely people that just do not resonate. Win-Win-Win. 

  • Module 2:  Zapping Those MONEYBLOCKS!!!

    What can I say? Bring it! 
    You'll be sending in ahead of time, your questions, issues, meanest money blocks you'd love to have zapped. On our Live, I'll have several "hot seats" with live coaching. Our volunteers will be representing the group with their issues and whether you're being coached directly or not, energy is going to MOVE.
    If you're new to me, I'm known as the Blockzapper with Surgical Precision. We'll have plenty of assistance from the unseen realms on this. In fact, I've never been allowed to do a group zapping session just for Moneyblocks before. But you folks are special, and its time for our new creations to be birthed with and from....Prosperity.
    You in???


  • Module 3: Calming the Overwhelm

    Kinda a default for Sensitive Magical Ones. Bummer. (Has a lot to do with our control issues too!)
    But wait. You meditate, so you know at least one calming method. 
    This Masterclass is going to spin some neuropsychology/biology, bio-physics, metaphysics, and shamanic magic. Not necessarily separated, or in that order :) I'm digging deep in my toolbox for your unique situations. Heck, a bunch of the overwhelm probably isn't even yours! Whaaa??? Your nervous system will thank you. We'll have volunteers for this one, too. 
    This is super important. When we're in overwhelm, our options seem to close down to "this or that". Also "me or them". And anyone ever go into "I just wanna hide" mode? Yep, Overwhelm can take you out of your own game. And if you're not playing your game - well, it means you're playing someone or something else's game.
    And that is NOT why you are here.  

A quisque elit tellus nascetur hendrerit praesent fringilla vitae enim amet litora dictum est venenatis parturient leo vel suspendisse a nam parturient suscipit nibh posuere placerat.

John Kowalsky


A quisque elit tellus nascetur hendrerit praesent fringilla vitae enim amet litora dictum est venenatis parturient leo vel suspendisse a nam parturient suscipit nibh posuere placerat.

Mick Stanley


A quisque elit tellus nascetur hendrerit praesent fringilla vitae enim amet litora dictum est venenatis parturient leo vel suspendisse a nam parturient suscipit nibh posuere placerat.

Andy Pente

Project Manager

You'll be co-creating and shaping this course with your presence and questions you send in ahead of time. I'll be reading the energy and tempo of the group as we go along.


This 6 hour course offering + energetic support is scheduled to be delivered:


3 weekly 2 hour live sessions (no worries if you can't make it live, they will be recorded)

Thursdays 11am EDT, 10am CDT, 8am PDT

July 23, July 30, Aug. 6



Private FB Community Support Lounge 



My popular 1:1 sessions are becoming more limited in availability and are running between $600-900/hr. 

The monetary value of these Live sessions is $3900.

And Energetic Support and FB Lounge would add another $250. 

But You won't be paying $4000, or even $2000, or $1000. 


I believe in you.

The world is in crisis.

You are here as emissaries on High Mission.

Whether you know what it is or not.

Your Presence makes a Difference.

The question is...Do YOU Believe in YOU?


The stakes are high.

Do you want support that actually takes your High Mission and Magicalness into account as part of your formula?


I've never offered this level of support at this price point before.

Spirit wants you to receive the support you need right now during these major transition times...that you won't find elsewhere.

It took decades of dedicated life and death scenarios to acquire this level of mastery. 


Your Investment is a magical...

$108 It's an investment in your Sacred Self.


By request, open registration has been extended to Saturday, 8/1 11:59pm edt.


And then we're closing the container for the remainder of the course to for the fine-tuning of Energies of those participating.


Don't delay.

Zap those Moneyblocks!!!